Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ravana was actually a follower of Vishnu

Though Ravana was killed by Ram ( Vishnu's dashavatar), but as a fact, Ravana was a follower of Vishnu. Due to a curse from Sanath kumaras and subsequently according to a remedy suggested by vishnu, gatekeepers of Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya born as rakshashas in three births and killed by Vishnu. Have a look at them who were they in their three births:

Hiranyakashyap-  killed by Narsingh Avatar.
Ravana- killed by Ram avatar.
Shishupala- killed by Krishna avatar.

Ram killing Ravana

Ram killing Ravana

Hiranyaksha - killed by Varaha avatar.
Kumbhkarna - killed by Ram avatar.
Dantavakra- killed by Shri Krishna avatar

Read the full story here of the curse.

Read the story behind death of Ravana and Hiranyakashyap.

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