Monday, 26 December 2011

Only one team played in the game's spirit

The above statement will surely evoke memories. It was said after India Aus sydney test. Perhaps the most controversial test match of our times. So many things happened here. In the end, Australia won it by a narrow margin, but so many things have been lost here. For the uninitiated, there were seven decisions gone against India and save for these decisions, we might have seen an Indian series victory over Australia.

India still managed to lose narrowly was commendable. Symonds made 160 + not out or can we say
"160 not out after getting out four times?"

Here is a list of incidents what happened during and after the game:

1. India showed the world who is the boss by staying put in Canberra. ICC had to change the umpires.
2. Steve Bucknor never umpired again.
3. We do not hear about Mark Benson anymore.
4. Ponting lost credibility. If you research how Ganguly was "given" out, you'd know why.
5. Gilchrist losing his reputation when appealed for Rahul Dravid catch behind wicket. He is known to   be a "walker", but appealing for a non existent catch did not confirm with his standards.
6. Monkeygate happened in this test only. Both players involved directly are not part of this series now. Thanks to IPL, they are good friends and share the same dressing room now.
7. Virender Sehwag was not in the playing eleven.

Intersting quotes from this test:

Run out of petrol - Aussies only walk when they are  out of gas. referring to Ponting and Hussey.
Ordinary umpiring- This game has been played by 22 good players and two ordinary umpires.
Gavsaskar was livid when Ganguly was given out asking how Ponting can be trusted when he did not walk when out on 14?

As an Indian fan, this defeat still hurts, but India managed to beat Australia in next match at Perth.
MOM - Irfan Pathan

Who said the famous statement "Only one........."?

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